Iman is labile

Just a little while ago, I thought I just overheard a conversation about iman (faith). "Iman is labile". That line was permanently recorded in my cortex until now...

Hmmm... there was a story, about Umar Khattab went to see Abu Bakar complaining that he got a feeling that he became an evil of some sort when he was alone and transformed to angel-like-person. In other words, he felt he was closer to Allah, when he was in the company of sahabats...

Yup, iman is labile: "al imanu yazidu wa yankus".

Heh, out of sudden these diagrams popped up in my mind:

Psychiatry: Bipolar Mood Disorder... phew!

Obstetrics : Cardiotocograph... phew!

p.s. - Muslim readers should pray for sahabats upon stumbling their names.

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