Ramadan & Syawal


Quoting from Bingregory.com:

The most depressing fact about Ramadan is to find out how many of your problems are not caused by the Satan.

Several objectives were achieved. Phew. I need to do more tadabbur ie. comtemplate about the meaning of the verses, rather than boarding the express tajwid bullet train.



// The crowd

What a blast! More cousins than ever, and apparently more on their way to this very world. The whole battalion will be larger next year.

Alas, by next year insha Allah I'll be working, so donating few duit rayas will be a new routine for eid. I will not be too generous though, as children are not supposed to handle too many ringgits in their pockets. Either they will spend on rubbish or the parents will collect tax from them to pay for the bills.

// The daddys

Huh, I sense a strong smell of hypocrisy here. Back in my time, the minimal bounty would be in the range of few hundreds. Well, probably due to me being the early generation of the Haji Hassan's grandchildren. If you can relate to the law of supply and demand, you'd get it. Now, there's plenty of them - at least 65 and I've lost the count. Heh.

Don't ask how did I spend it. It's classified under OSA.

Anyway, I am grateful to be with my family this time around. Plus the extended ones. Second cousins. Third cousins. Wow. The family tree is really huge, as most of the mothers are grandmultiparous. Alhamdulillah.

// The mothers

ps - Sans fireworks, the Eid is kinda dull. Adult supervision should do the job, instead of this cute little creatures risking their arms and legs (its expensive because of its illegal by law) just to have more fun. Wait a minute, they can't be bothered anymore - there are plenty of electronics for them, so I better bring back PS3 or Wii next year!

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